Izhevsk Bakelite 7.62x39mm Magazine


These 30 round magazines were manufactured by the Izhevsk factory in Russia for the 7.62x39mm AKM assault rifle. All magazines are constructed with steel locking lugs.

Condition varies; see current available options below. Each magazine may or may not have steel reinforced feedlips, and either a flat or ridged back spine, depending on the revision (no selection is available for steel feedlips, or spine style).

Small numbers of rare styles like the “long top”, Cyrillic ЦТ, or special mold numbers may be available. Please limit orders of these special types to one per customer.

Total maximum order quantity of 6 magazines per customer. Any attempts to order more than 6 will be canceled!

ny attempts to order more than 6 will be canceled!


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Weight 9 oz


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