RS Regulate AK-306MS Yugo Front Biased Lower


The RS Regulate modular scope mounting system makes mounting optics to your AK-47 pattern extremely easy. This 2nd generation AK-306MS lower scope rail is one of the most precise, rugged, and lightest weight you can find on the market. Once this lower rail is locked down, it isn’t going anywhere: ensuring that your rifle holds zero during recoil. The front biased rail option is lighter than the full length option and allows you to place your optic as far forward as possible. It is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and the modular design allows you to center your optic over the bore and set proper eye relief. All you need is an upper mount compatible with the optic of your choice and you are ready to head to the range.


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The AK-306MS full length lower rail weighs 3.4 ounces and is compatible with Zastava and other AK rifles with a Zastava style side rail. With the AK-300 line of lower rail mounts, you can easily remove your optic for storage and retain zero the next time you attach it at the range. The unique locking system is machined to have the tightest tolerances possible so that every time it gets re-attached, your scope will be in the exact same position and you won’t need to mess with your zero.

RS Regulate was built to provide customers with a solid and dependable way to customize their AK pattern rifles with any optics they want: from ACOGs, to red dots, to full rifle scopes. After years of testing and researching, they came up with the AK-300 modular mounting system which allows a huge variety of customization in terms of optics positioning. This two-piece design allows you to choose the lower and upper rail systems to fully personalize your setup.

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